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The Art of Growing Club: cast-printing with Jon George

21 October, 2010  |  Public Programme

The Art of Growing Club have been getting their hands dirty for the sake of art. For the past three weeks they’ve been making cast-prints with the artist and print maker Jon George. Cast-printing is a technique developed by Jon and is a three stage process.  An image is created on glass using Gesso.  This is allowed to dry overnight and a plaster block is  made on top of the Gesso image. Once this block is dry it can be printed using rollers and printing ink.


The Revenge

19 October, 2010  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools

Year 5 children from Lawdale Junior School are making a short film with the artist and film maker Lisa Nash. When they first wrote the script, they named it The Vampire Bullies. However, when it came to the actual filming, the children decided to change the title to The Revenge -because it sounded  ‘punchier”!
This project is introducing  the children to the world of film making, giving them the opportunity to make  decisions about the process at every level. They work through all aspects of  film making from start to finish.  All the parts are acted by them, they explore every required skill from script writing to story boarding and experience every crew role, from director and camera person to clapper board.
After the days shooting the work is subjected to a rigorous critique and the children decide what “take” should go through for the final cut.
Asked what have been their favourite moments so far, the children said:
“I liked the time when the bad boys had the water spilled on them!” Tahibah
“The best bit was when I looked in the mirror and got scared of myself!” Anjum
“I liked saying “Action!” and getting everyone to do what I want!” Reya
“I liked being the clapper board person.” Khaledur
“The bit when they looked into the mirror and turned into a witch and vampire!” Ameer
And some of their worst moments were:
“When I was doing the acting, my hand ached because I had to put it up for so long.” Reya
“I didn’t like having to wear the glasses. When you took them off your head spinned around!” Lamiya


Young Voices

12 October, 2010  |  Public Programme, Young People

Young Voices is an innovative project delivered in partnership by Praxis Community Projects, Kazzum Theatre Company and Queen Mary University of London to develop leadership among young people from new, displaced communities whose “traditional” pathways to leadership have been left behind elsewhere in the world.

Young Voices at Chisenhale Art Place was facilitated by the previous resident of our Education studio, Tom Hobson. Tom led six workshops over six weeks that explored issues relevant to young people living in London; their likes and dislikes about city life and their aspirations for their future. The processes used in the workshops helped the young people to become more confident in expressing their views and opinions in a more creative medium. Tom helped them to understand that through creative experiment they could gain new skills and learn new ways to interact with the environment around them. Activities included film making, photography, watercolours, collage and animation. After the workshops, Tom gathered together all the work produced by the young people to compile one piece of cohesive collaborative work that showcased each individual’s talents.

To view work from the Young Voices project CLICK HERE!


Spilling the Beans- a weekend of talks and conversation on October 23rd & 24th 2010.

5 October, 2010  |  Featured, Talks & Events

Spilling the Beans was a unique series of free talks that took place over the weekend of 23rd and 24th October 2010 at Chisenhale Art Place, when Chisenhale artists and organisations talked about their working practice. Speakers  focused on  the factors that influenced or determined how  work got made, shown or performed.  Spilling the Beans allowed the audience a glimpse of the underlying realities of the working lives of artists and arts professionals.
Each evening there was a panel discussion that allowed the audience to delve deeper, tease out  more details from the speakers and add their own thoughts and experiences to the discussion. The panel was chaired on Saturday by Richard Dyer and on Sunday by John Slyce, both noted critics and writers.

Saturday 23rd October
2.00 pm Zoe Mendelson, artist
2.40 pm Bryony Kimmings,
Dance Space Director
3.20 pm Ingrid Kerma, artist
4.00 pm Mark Fairnington, artist
5-6pm Discussion chaired by Richard Dyer, writer and critic.

Sunday 24th October
2.00 pm Tim Knowles, artist
2.40 pm Laura Wilson,
Gallery Education
3.20 pm Alicia Paz, artist
4.00 pm Amikam Toren, artist
5-6 pm Discussion chaired by John Slyce, writer and critic