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The Art of Growing Club-Charcoal Drawing

10 November, 2010  |  Public Programme

This week, considering the sudden drop in the temperature, we decided to stay indoors!!! Instead we focused on the technique of drawing using charcoal.There was inspiration from the leaves we had collected last week and the pictures of bulbs we brought in to plant in preparation for spring next year ( we plan ahead!!!). At first everyone was very tentative and uncertain but soon the messiness got everyone into the swing of things. Even Delany who absolutely hates anything and everything that is messy tried her hand at it. Mid way through the morning some of the group ventured out in to the icy cold and planted the daffodils, iris’s and tulips so that there would be a surprise for everyone once winter had passed. So come spring there will be a crowd of daffodils waiting to greet all visitors to the garden.

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The Art of Growing Club- Woodland Wonder

10 November, 2010  |  Public Programme

In celebration of autumn The Art of Growing Club made a trip to a secret woodland that is in the heart of Bethnal Green. We started from Chisenhale and walked through the golden glory displayed by the trees in Victoria Park. A rustling could be heard from the sound of everyone burying their feet in the fallen leaves all around . We came across a ruby red apple tree that had shed it’s harvest and ready there for anyones taking. Scarlett gathered some to take home and make apple chutney.On the way we met a lady who not only was born in Bethnal Green, she had lived there all the 80 years of her life.She shared some lovely stories about how life in Bethnal Green had been like and one story really stuck in our minds.She told us how her mother used to go buy cabbage in bulk and sell it to the jewish community that had settled near by. We then turned the corner and found the secret Woodland St Judes which is protected by a sturdy fence and locked with a secret code.It took Charlotte several try’s before she could open the gate making it seem even more intriguing.Once we all entered it was like walking into Narnia the trees were tall and created pathways that were partially visible encouraging you to walk on and discover new things. We discovered a burrow that was a lair for a fox and around every corner there was something new and different.We discovered crocuses, wild berries and even a double helix shaped pond.Even though we were in the midst of several housing estates the woodland transported you to the very heart of nature. Every one was completely awe inspired and transfixed by the enjoyment of it all.



The Art of Growing Club-coming up! Wednesday mornings 10am to 1pm. Free, all welcome.

9 November, 2010  |  Public Programme, Uncategorized

Over the next three weeks, November 17th and 24th and December 1st,  Malcolm Jones , painter, will work with the Art of Growing Club.We will take photographs and make drawings of the landscape  surrounding us. We will use these during the second week to create prints and montages. The final week will be spent developing these into paintings. This course is free and open to all. If you have missed the first week, don’t worry. Come to the second week and you can catch up!


Transparent, Translucent, Opaque: a 6 week painting course with Kate Hardy

3 November, 2010  |  Classes, Public Programme

Join Kate Hardy, professional painter, printmaker and tutor for a painterly exploration of objects, spaces and people.

Using not only what you see but also what you think, you will explore painting, collage, mixed media work, artist’s books and stencil prints. A wide variety of materials will be used including oil, acrylic and watercolour paints, inks, oil pastels and pencils to discover how transparency, translucency and opacity work together and in contrast to create thought provoking, visually arresting work.

Classes take place on  Thursday evenings, 6.30 to 9.30pm, from November 11th to December 16th inclusive in our Education Space that borders the canal.  Fee: £90

Numbers are kept low to ensure that every person is given plenty of individual attention. The course is suitable for beginners and more advanced students alike.