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Towards Painting – Studio4, Nigel O’Neill



Towards Painting

Nigel O’Neill will be hosting a two day event in Studio4,  where his  working drawings and sketch books will be on view.

Thurs 2 May 2013 6pm -9pm and Sun 5 May 2013 2pm- 5pm

Nigel is a founder member of Chisenhale Artplace Trust. He has had a studio in Chisenhale since the early 1980’s.

He has been consistently making abstract paintings, which have been exhibited in the UK and aboard. The paintings consist of a number of vibrant coloured planes.

The shape of these planes evoke a perspective and illusionistic space, however this is undermined by the juxtaposition of different colours around a central plane. The different edges of this plane are pushed back or forward depending on the colour of each juxtaposed plane. Therefore seemingly flat shapes appear to twist and flip back on themselves. This achieves a surface, which is simultaneously asserted and denied, undermining any logical or mathematical interpretation of the work. This is complemented by the overall shape of the painting support derived from a half circle and an ellipse, which share the same central axis, an illustionstic device in itself, evoking a sphere cut in half, giving many opportunities for the interplay of spatially ambiguous planes. Each painting endeavours to achieve a compelling physical presence through its ambiguous internal spatial relationships, and the shape of the painting support. He has always produced a large number of working drawings and sketch books, these show the process of thinking visually through drawing, and how he arrives at a structure of forms and shapes for his paintings .

Unlike the painting each drawing offers a number of possible solutions, shown through the still visible erased and sometimes reinstated forms ..
This event offers a rare opportunity to see a large number of these preparatory works which are not normally shown

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