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‘Play with Nature’ Free Summer Workshops



Free Workshop for Children
“Play with Nature ” with Artist Atsuko Nakamura

When: 10am ‒ 3pm Tuesday 13th August to Thursday 15th August 2013 Where: Chisenhale Art Place, 64-84 Chisenhale Road E3 5QZ For: Children aged 6 -10, and a parent too!

The three day workshop “Play with Nature” gives children opportunities to create a small temporal house using card boxes, cloth, ropes or natural materials such as branches and leaves. Children will learn how to explore nature to discover and reflect findings as they create their temporary structure in Victoria Park or other nearby outside space.

We will work with Contemporary Artist Atsuko Nakamura, who studied architecture, Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement) and Sculpture. She will introduce some ideas from the houses used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies to help children explore forms found in nature, as well as learn skills to read the landscape and use naturally found artists’ materials.

The workshops will start each day at Chisenhale Art Place (Studios Entrance) and then go to the Park. Children and parents should bring a packed lunch and suitable outdoor clothing for the weather. We encourage parents to also participate and learn with their child!

For more information and to book, contact: or call 020 8981 1916

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Studio4 Sam Hodge hosts end of Residency Show


Repetition and Difference

For the last five weeks Sam Hodge has been the Studio4 Artist in Residence at Chisenhale Art Place. During her residency she produced a series of 77 etchings in response to the broken windows which can be see at the back of the Chisenhale building as you walk along the canal side

These were then turned into a large print installation in Studio4 and were open to view to visitors on Sunday 14th and Saturday 20th of July.


Help a Capital Child Visit Lawdale School for Film Screening

31 July, 2013  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools

On 22nd of July, Help a Capital Child visited Lawdale School for a special screening of the films produced by this years Film Project.

photo 21

The Children had the unique opportunity of thanking those that made it all possible in person.

Once the films were show the group were then able to ask the children and those involved questions on how the films were made.

Everyone was amazed at the quality of the films produced.

Stephanie Larner from the ‘Help a Capital Child’ office commented;

‘a huge thank you to you all for our screening of the fantastic films this morning. We were so impressed with each film and the hard work the children have put into making them really does show!
The children clearly love the film club , which is not surprising considering the passion and dedication you all put into the running of it. ‘



Film Screening at Lawdale School

19 July, 2013  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools


The second screening for the hugely successful film project took place at Lawdale School on the 2nd of July.

The assembly hall was filled with excitement and anticipation, with children, parents and teachers eager to see the films they had heard so much about. Especially as many students had seen the film makers filming throughout the year, so were curious to see the finished results.

The three films were shown and the audience had opportunity to ask question or make comments.  Many of the questions asked were about the special techniques used, such as time lapse and split screen.

“The films were wicked” said the students.  And the Deputy Head said he had three special letters to describe the three films: W O W


Chisenhale School Summer Fete


On Saturday 6th of July, Chisenhale Art Place took part in the ‘Summer Fete” at Chisenhale School, which was organised by the School’s PTA.

Uliana Apatina, an artist from Chisenhale Studios, led a workshop using ropes and strings to build a spatial site-specific installation that incorporated a special tree area. She wanted to build, in a playful way, a self-constructed habitation which would evolve and take shape in the process of creation. The installation would then be left to be used later for games and other activities.

A key focus was to inspire the natural joy that many children have, in building fantasy “habitations”.  The process aimed to help the children to evolve their spatial thinking and look at the familiar space from a different perspective. 


Repetition and Difference by Studio4 Residency artist, Sam Hodge

Main window chisenhaleMain window chisenhale

Sam Hodge explains the background for her current project Repetition and Difference which is part of her Studio4 residency:

I have been looking at the broken windows at the back of Chisenhale Art Place for several years and wanting to make an art work out of them. The building was an early 20th century factory and part of it is still derelict. the huge triple height windows consisting of 77 panes of glass have been broken by generations of kids chucking stones through them. This decay of a grand example of order and industry provokes a mixture of unease and fascination – a common reaction to derelict buildings as they remind us of the transience of our own apparently secure structures.

As an artist I am particularly interested in accident and its relationship with selection and design (or intent). One theme I have been exploring is the fracture of glass. Unbroken glass is pure, simple, transparent, clean, modern, useful. The accidental or intentional violence that breaks it, damages it irreversibly, destroying its smooth transparency and reminding us of the fragility of man-made things. Its sharpness is dangerous and its complexity unwelcome. Because of this, broken glass is often used as a metaphor for the irreversible fracture of a person or society.

But complexity and imperfection has its own beauty.

Each pane has been broken on a different occasion and in a different way. This contrasts with repetitive grid structure of the windows, producing something analogous to a scientific experiment, or perhaps just the record of a series of unfortunate events.

Chisenhale Artplace has given me the use of Studio 4 for a six week residency. It is a lovely big, light studio and I plan to make a series of etchings on steel plates in response to the broken windows in the derelict part of the building. I will be using these etchings to produce a large print installation in Studio 4 at the end of my residency.


Lawdale Film Project, Film Screening 1 at Chisenhale Art Place

3 July, 2013  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools

Film Screening Invite 2

After another successful year with the Film Project, participating children from Lawdale School, along with their classmates, returned to Chisenhale Art Place for a special screening of their three films.

The children – and more than a few adults – were buzzing with excitement to have the official screening held here.  Artist film-maker Sheena Macrae also attended the screening, on special request from the children.

After watching each film, the audience were able to ask the young film makers questions about what they had seen, and the film makers themselves had the opportunity to highlight any special points and techniques regarding their films.

Local press were on hand to take photos, and audiences commented on the amazing the quality of the work produced.  This was a particular achievement, given the short time frame of the project and the young age of the film makers.


Lawdale Film Project, Cascading film skills

3 July, 2013  |  Public Programme, Schools


The second phase for this year’s Film Project at Lawdale Primary School involved the cascading of skills from the Year 5 budding film makers down to aspiring film artists from Year 4.

The entire day was led by the children who had been doing the Film Project with artist Lisa Nash.  It was their opportunity to show what they had learnt, teaching the younger children new skills such as storyboarding, camera angles and editing.  The students were divided into three smaller groups, who then were able to trial their knowledge with actual filming to experience operating a camera hand-on.

One of the Year 5 students, Afwan, had prepared a power point to explain the stages of Film making which he presented to the class, he had done this on his own initiative and using his own computer skills.

At the end, the short films were showcased.  And to further explore the artistic process, there was Q & A session, allowing all those involved to offer explanation and opinion on the works produced.

Very impressive indeed.


Street Party


On 2nd  June, Chisenhale Art Place took part in the Big Lunch Street Party, which was held on Chisenhale Road.

With the sun thankfully shining, the tables decked with delicious treats and the beautiful bunting breezily swaying above, everyone enjoyed the festivities.

Chisenhale Art Place collectively provided lots of art activities to the party.

The Dance Space had a dance class on offer and the Gallery showcased a film from their last year’s summer project, ‘Slow Boat’.  Three artists from the Studios engaged residents in various activities on the street – Kate Hardy and Emma Gunningham with an array of materials for those who were willing to try their hands, and Richard Layzell filmed an alternative view of the day’s events.  In addition, there was a scroll of drawing paper rolled out for everyone to record the highlights of the street party, which will then be displayed at Chisenhale School Summer Fete, much like the ‘Walthamstow Tapestry’.  We look forward to next year!