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Into the Wild is a completely new and unique professional development programme led by Chisenhale studio artists. It aims to offer support and inspiration to artists in the early stages of their career and in need of practical advice on how to survive and thrive in the real world as an artist. How to: get funding, network, promote yourself, write applications, work with galleries and curators, earn money, find spaces and be proactive.

Delivered as a comprehensive eight-week programme, Into the Wild will provide participants with new knowledge, confidence and practical insights to pursue individual career paths. With input from successful practicing artists and other key industry professionals, participants will be able to explore their creative selves and better understand the diversity of ways and means to succeed and flourish as an artist in London.

Chisenhale Art Place occupies a unique position on London’s East End art community, providing a distinctive platform for local and international artists and audiences. Founded in 1980 by artists determined to find their own premises, Chisenhale Art Place now houses three flourishing and distinct initiatives: Chisenhale Dance Space, Chisenhale Gallery and Chisenhale Studios. The studios provide affordable workspace to both established and emerging artists. Their work reflects the diversity of contemporary art practice and promotes a wider understanding of artistic practice and processes through open sharing events, projects and residencies.

The twelve artists selected for Into the Wild will be expected to participate fully, attending all scheduled sessions each Monday for eight weeks starting mid-October 2014. Each day will include inspiring and informative talks with invited guest speakers, as well as with Chisenhale Studio Artists. As part of their learning, participants will also be matched with a relevant studio artist for an individual one-to-one mentoring session, when appropriate.

At the core of the programme will be the creation of a group show that will take place at an external venue at a later date, likely Jan-March 2015. The learning each week will be linked to creatively producing this show, responding to key areas such as writing about your work, finding a venue, promotion and sourcing funding. It’s a chance to put what you have learnt into practice. The success of the show will be dependent on the energy, dedication and input of the participants, as although artistic support will be provided, the venue and funding will not.

There is no fee required to participate in Into the Wild. Participants will instead be asked to agree and present a collaborative document of their learning at the last session, which can be shared and distributed to other artists and future participants.

Further Information

Dates: Every Monday from 13th October through 1st December 2014. 11am-5pm

Location: Chisenhale Studios at Chisenhale Art Place, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ

Who can apply?

Practicing UK based artists who have completed BA degree courses in the last one to three years and are keen to explore practical and inspiring ideas to develop and sustain their careers. We will also consider artists who have undertaken an equivalent level of training/education and are at the same stage in their careers.   Participants must demonstrate commitment to the full programme.

How to apply:  

Written proposals for a place on the programme must be received by 11am on Monday 15th September 2014.

Submission will only be accepted in the following format:

  1. Written proposal for a place on the programme that incorporates your answers to the following three questions. One A4 page only, minimum font size 11.

1.1  Why do you want to do this course at Chisenhale Art Place?

1.2  Why is it important at this stage of your career?

1.3  Name 3 things you have done since you left college.

  1. Current CV. No more than two A4 pages giving current and relevant experience.
  2. Supporting images. Text and images from previous/current projects or illustrating your ideas for development. No more than three A4 pages, with images saved at a low resolution.

Please combine all the above into a single pdf, clearly marked with your name. We will not accept submissions that exceed 6 pages and 5MB file size.

Applications are due by 11am Monday 15th September. Shortlisted applicants must be available for interview Tuesday 23rd September or Wednesday 24th September (tbc). Successful applicants will be notified by 26th September and must be ready to start on Monday 13th October.

To submit application, or to request further information, please email: