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Spring Studio4 Residency: Maria Andrews


Maria Andrew Studio 4“A part of the heart rarely tugged at…” aims to create awareness of the parts of Tower Hamlets that have long been left alone.  Whether in consciousness or reality, like this arch Maria Andrews photographed in Stepney Green.

Andrews will use her three months in Studio4 to reach these parts at the heart of Tower Hamlets, using them as her source for a new photography and video art work that will engage with people in the community; drawing on memory and perception of what it means to be here.

This is a chance for the artist to play with ideas of landscape and topography, using the white walls of the Studio4 project space. Andrews says, “ I’m open to suggestions from the artist community as to how I experiment with my source material.  I’d love to play with textures in the landscape, the different colours of brick and concrete as well as people’s life stories. The streets where they started their lives here, their journeys across the borough or even the names of blocks of flats.”

Andrew’s has recently interviewed a 99 year old Sidney Street resident, Max Levitas, and hopes to next interview a man who claims to be the last rag and bone man in Tower Hamlets.