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Informal Residency in the Education Room: Joanne Tatham

Joanne T                                                    Are you LOCATIONALIZED, 2014 Photo: Ruth Clark
Courtesy of the artist of The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow

Joanne Tatham is undertaking an informal residency in the Education Room at Chisenhale Art Place.

Over the summer, Joanne is occupying the space a few times a week as a site for making and talking and to explore the relationship between the two.

Having been working in collaboration for many years, Joanne will be trying to gain a sense of how to work on her own, whilst still maintaining collaborative processes. As such, during her time here she will be working on plans and maquettes and smaller works for a number of projects such as an exhibition at The Modern Institute in Glasgow in January 2016.

Joanne hopes to be able to use the space too for conversation and exchange around this process and invites people to come and meet and talk.