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Book Swap – Saturday 11th February 2017

31 January, 2017  |  Children & Families, Public Programme

Are you hungry for stories? Looking for a new adventure?

   Swap your old children’s books and take home some new ones!

Saturday 11th February 2017

at Chisenhale Dance Space

12.30pm -2.30pm


All ages

Dr. Seuss image TM & © 2016 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P

To celebrate his 60th anniversary, Cat in the Hat will be popping in at 1.00pm, so come by and say a big Hi!!!

Chisenhale Art Place will be participating in the sixth annual London Children’s Book Swap, which will take place in over seventy different family friendly arts and cultural venues located across London. Everyone is welcome, so start gathering your old books to bring along!

Further details from or phone 020 8981 1916 or


Studio4 Residencies: Liz Lake – Dig/Burn/Build


Event: Thursday 19th January 6.30-8.30pm.

Mapping the interconnected ecologies of material cycles, Liz Lake’s installation demonstrates how the values, uses and physical properties of industrial substances transform over time. In her fieldwork footage, mountains of gypsum are chemically removed from power station gasses ready to be sold as additives for construction or food production; and unwanted incinerator ash finds new life as breezeblock.

A series of sculptures presents these relations in the abstract language of the materials themselves, incorporating concrete, tarmac, copper, plaster and resin in diagram-like composites. This is the first showing of an ongoing project that Liz Lake has been working on during a 3-month residency at Chisenhale Studios.