About Us

Chisenhale Art Place was born out of a need by artists to find new secure premises after their eviction in the late 1970’s from Butler’s Wharf. The search was concentrated in East London where vast numbers of buildings lay empty and four months later Chisenhale works was offered by Tower Hamlets Council.

The building which had been derelict for the previous decade was a mess. Rubbish and graffiti had to be removed, roofing, electrics, glazing, walls and doors all had to be installed. The founding members undertook the work over a two year period to create Chisenhale Art Place.



Chisenhale Art Place is a company limited by guarantee (no.01615990). The company is also a registered charity (no. 285125) established to promote art education. Our Member organisations, Chisenhale Dance Space and Chisenhale Gallery, are independently managed with their own boards of directors. The Board of Directors of Chisenhale Art Place consists of fourteen trustees.



Arts Manager Andrea Davidson
Artists Development Co-ordinator Louise Ashcroft
Public Programme Assistant/Community & Outreach Yasmin Kauser


Nigel Brown (Chair)
Julie Baines
Matt Calderwood
Edward Chell
Aine Duffy
Jon George
Somil Goyal
Kate Hardy
Keir McGuinness
Nikki Tomlinson
Michael Regan
Tony Sharp

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