Nicola Dale: An Era of Abbreviation Thursday 22nd June 7-9pm

At the completion of her six-week residency, Nicola Dale presents new work arising from her research into art historian Aby Warburg’s photographic collection at The Warburg Institute. Nicola has selected and abbreviated 89 images and translated them into an eight-metre mural, in turn to be used as a choreographic score by contemporary dancer Chloe Aliyanni.

Expanding ideas developed during past projects (at Manchester Central Library, Shanghai Library, the National Arts and Education Archive and the University of Manchester) Nicola has been using her Standpoint Futures residency to explore processes of accumulating and communicating knowledge.

The number of images Nicola has chosen corresponds to the amount of unfilled holes she found in one wall of her residency studio, which she catalogued obsessively when she arrived in London. This holey reliquary – of absent works by previous studio occupants – is playfully interpreted as a methodology for gathering new research content from the photographic collection; reflecting on the idiosyncratic logic of systems through which knowledge is manifested and spread by archival institutions.

Nicola’s wall drawing isolates diagrammatic fragments from the photographs, such as a tail, a fool’s ear, a poised hand or a grimace. By inviting a dancer to take this abbreviation-relay a stage further, through movement-based interpretations, Nicola’s interdisciplinary game of Chinese Whispers both refines the image to its gestural essence and further obscures its original intent. In an era where excessive access to information invites continual abbreviation and mediation (e.g. emojis and viral sharing) Nicola’s subversive library processes are particularly apposite, using analogue, embodied actions to destabilise content and create new streams of cognition.

The event will take place in our Studio4, on the first floor, 7-9pm on Thursday 22nd June.

More information on Nicola Dale and her residency can be found here



Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio Award 2017/18: Call for applications

Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio Award: One Year Studio for a 2015 or 2016 MA/MFA Graduate.

Applications are now open for the 2017/18 Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio Award, which offers a free studio to one artist for one year from 1st June. Now in its fourth year, the award is open to applications from Fine Art MA/MFA graduates who completed their courses in either 2015 or 2016. This annual award commemorates the work and life of Pete Lloyd Lewis, an artist and founding member of Chisenhale Art Place which encompasses Chisenhale Studios.

Pete’s practice was playful, experimental and open to diverse influences and media, from text, glitter and celebrity photojournalism, to sculptural installation, video and print. He was preoccupied with the boundaries between the artificial and the real, often amplifying the synthetic qualities of materials and forms by contextualising them in relation to nature. Pete’s exhibitions were daring and genre-defying: a series of paintings worn as clothes, a performance space for the homeless, and ‘Sneeze’ a video comprising snippets of 80 second footage by 80 artists. He used collaboration and curating as methods of investigating the expanded possibilities of image-making in dialogue with different communities.

The successful application should demonstrate how aspects of the applicant’s own practice could make connections with, or respond to, the themes and ideas that shaped Pete’s work.

Chisenhale Art Place is an arts education charity and all studio artists are expected to contribute to its public benefit. With 40 studios, it is an active space with regular artist run events, workshops and open studios. The recipient of the Pete Lloyd Lewis Award would also be expected to contribute to the Studios’ public programme through occasional showings/events and assisting with community engagement.

The studio itself is:

  • 520 sq ft.
  • 1stfloor, with no lift access.
  • South-facing
  • No central heating

 How to Apply:

Please send us a single PDF containing your answers to the four questions below with three images of your recent works and a current CV. The file size should not exceed 5MB and the file name must include your own name. Please email applications to with PLL Award as the subject line.

  1. Describe your practice with reference to recent works (max 350 words)
  2. How does your practice relate to some of the themes and processes that Pete valued? (max 250 words).
  3. Why do you need a free studio for a year and how would you make the most of this opportunity to develop your practice? (max 300 words).
  4. How might you contribute to Chisenhale Studios’ public-facing programme? (max 200 words)


Deadline for applications is 10am, Thursday 13th April 2017.

A shortlist of applicants will be made, with interviews most likely to held on Thursday 4th May. As accommodation and travel is not part of the award, applicants should already be settled in London.

More information on Chisenhale Studios can be found on our website




Studio4 Summer Residencies: Call for proposals

We are inviting proposals for Studio4 Residencies at Chisenhale Studios. Residencies will take place between July and September 2017, ranging between one and two months depending on your project needs (please specify in your application if there’s a particular time slot you’d prefer).

The residencies provide free use of the Studio4 Project Space to artists seeking a short-term studio to develop an idea or execute a project. The aim of each residency is to provide opportunity for a visual artist to experiment with new work or ideas in a fresh, uncluttered space that facilitates sharing and participation while making artistic processes visible to new audiences.

In exchange for use of the studio, the artist undertaking each residency is expected to engage a wider artistic network as well as people who live and work in our local area, involving them in the artistic process through the development of the work itself or a few small public events, showings, workshops, studio conversations etc. Ideally, smaller open-door sessions could also happen during the residency, as an opportunity to engage with other Chisenhale members.

To apply, please write to tell us about the project or idea you’d like to work on, why you need this free short-term studio to realise it and how you will engage people outside of Chisenhale Art Place during the residency. It would be helpful to include what benefit you think will be gained by those audiences and the impact it will have on your practice. Please state your anticipated duration in the studio and any time preference over the summer.

Please note that Studio4 is on the first floor and the building unfortunately has no lift. Studio events should be suitable for small audiences of up to 50 people. We also have a more accessible ground floor education room which could also be made available for public activities.

Applications are due by 10am on Thursday 6th April 2017. Interviews for short-listed applicants will mostly likely be held on Monday 24th April.

Submission will only be accepted in the following format:

  1. Proposal of project idea, including detail of information requested above.  One or two A4 pages, minimum font size 11.
  2. Current CV.  No more than two A4 pages giving current and relevant experience.
  3. Supporting images.  Text and images from previous projects or illustrating your proposal. No more than three A4 pages, with images saved at a low resolution. Your website address could be added for additional info, but we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to look at it.

Please combine all the above into one pdf file, clearly marked your name.  We will not accept submissions that exceed 7 pages and 5MB file size.

Submissions and queries to

We’ve had some fantastic projects recently realised in Studio4, including Byzantia Harlow’s work with Roman Road Market, Liz Lake’s research into the ecologies of industrial materials such as concrete, and Save Me a Place’s experiments in collaborative sculptural collage. Do see other postings on our website for previous residencies and events taking place in our project space.

image: Save Me A Place   July 2016


Standpoint Futures Residency Artists 2017


Chisenhale Studios has teamed up with Standpoint Futures in 2017 to host residencies in our Studio4 space. Standpoint Futures is an established programme of visual art development residencies for emerging/mid career artists who are based outside Greater London. They are designed to be flexible and responsive to the project, needs and desired outcomes of individual participants. Standpoint Futures’ chief aims are to provide high quality, individualised opportunities to develop the artist’s practice and career, and to promote the exchange of ideas between London and the wider UK art world.

Following interviews in October 2016, three artists were selected by Standpoint Futures Director Fiona Macdonald, Chisenhale Studios Arts Manager Andrea Davidson and curators from the residencies’ regional partners MOSTYN Llandudno, Plymouth Arts Centre and Castlefield Gallery Manchester.

Each artist will spend six weeks at Chisenhale Studios where they are provided with our Studio4 space, accommodation, and individually tailored mentoring and development, plus modest per diem & travel allowance. At the end of each residency the artist will present a public event relating to their practice.

Simon Bayliss (23 January – 3 March). Event: Thursday 3rd March 7pm.
Simon explores identity and what it means to be both rural and queer, through celebration of rural traditions such as landscape painting and slipware pottery. He also collaborates with artist Lucy Stein as BLISS (Bayliss & Stein), and has recently set up the ‘Artist Tea Towel Company’. Simon is based in Cornwall.

AJ Stockwell (20 March – 28 April). Event: Thursday 27th April 7pm.
AJ is interested in how human life can be defined and archived through objects and materials, and how communication can operate across timelines through a shared material culture. Working across sculpture, video and text, recent work has focused on observing how ceramic artefacts construct images of past lives and cultures. AJ is based in Cardiff; her residency is supported by The Fenton Arts Trust.

Nicola Dale (15 May – 23 June). Event: Thursday 22nd June 7pm.
Nicola Dale makes sculptures and performances that arise mainly out of research within institutional archives (recent examples include: Shanghai Library, National Arts Education Archive Yorkshire Sculpture Park, University of Manchester Medical School). She is interested in how knowledge manifests itself and how its continuation is constructed. Nicola is based in Stockport.

For further details please look at the Standpoint Futures archive. Standpoint Futures is supported by Arts Council England, Arts Council Wales, Chisenhale Studios and the Fenton Arts Trust.

Image: Nicola Dale, Model for Ideology VI


Into the Wild call-out 2016-2017

ITW image copyInto the Wild is an artist development programme led by artist members of Chisenhale Studios. Now in its third year, this unique, free course aims to support and inspire artists in the early stages of their career by providing practical advice on how to survive and thrive in the real world, as well as offering opportunities for creative development.

With talks, workshops and mentoring by successful artists and key industry professionals, participants will be able to explore their practices and better understand the diversity of ways to succeed and flourish as an artist in London and beyond.

How to: get funding, network, promote yourself, write applications, work with galleries and curators, write statements, work in different contexts, build audiences, work collectively, earn money, stay confident, find spaces, generate opportunities and be proactive.

The programme begins with a taught course that runs every Monday 11am – 5pm from 24th October until 12th December 2016. Each day will include inspiring and informative talks with invited guest speakers, as well as with Chisenhale Studio Artists. Following the course, participants will complete tailored off-site residencies in association with an external organisation – providing a context for developing new work (March 2017). Throughout the year, two curators will meet regularly with participants to host crits and plan events/projects such as a group show during Chisenhale Open Weekend (Oct 2017). Participants will also be matched with a relevant studio artist for an individual one-to-one mentoring session.

Chisenhale Art Place occupies a unique position in London’s East End art community, providing a distinctive platform for local and international artists and audiences. Founded in 1980 by artists determined to find their own premises, Chisenhale Art Place now houses three flourishing and distinct initiatives: Chisenhale Dance Space, Chisenhale Gallery and Chisenhale Studios. The studios provide affordable workspace to both established and emerging artists. Their work reflects the diversity of contemporary art practice and promotes a wider understanding of artistic practice and processes through open sharing events, projects and residencies.

The fourteen artists selected for Into the Wild will be expected to participate fully, attending all scheduled sessions each Monday for eight weeks starting late October 2016 and committing to involvement in events, learning activities and the residency, through to late October 2017. Participants will also be asked to present a collaborative document of their learning.

There is no fee required to participate in Into the Wild. Into the Wild is supported by Arts Council England and the artists at Chisenhale Studios.

Dates: Taught course runs every Monday from 24th October through 12th December 2016, 11am-5pm. Residencies will be in Spring 2017 (duration and location responding to each participant’s practice). Location: Chisenhale Studios at Chisenhale Art Place, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ

Who can apply? Practicing UK based artists who have completed BA degree courses in the last one to three years (including 2016 graduates) and are keen to explore practical and inspiring ideas to develop and sustain their careers. We will also consider artists who have undertaken an equivalent level of training/education and are at the same stage in their careers. We will not consider artists who have completed an MA. Please do not apply if you cannot commit to participating fully.

Travel: A small travel bursary fund is available for artists travelling from beyond London. Please state on your application if you live outside London would like to be considered for this.

How to apply: Written proposals for a place on the programme must be received by noon on Wednesday 14th September 2016.

To submit application, or to request further information, please email:

Submission will ONLY be accepted in the following format:

Please combine all the information below into a single pdf, marked with your name at the top of the document and in the file name (i.e.firstnamelastnameITW.pdf). The PDF must not exceed 6 pages or 5MB file size.

1 Written proposal for a place on the programme that incorporates your answers to the following three questions (one A4 page only, minimum font size 11):

1.1 Why do you want to do this course at Chisenhale Art Place?

1.2 Why is it important at this stage of your career?

1.3 Name 3 things you have done since you left college.

2 Current CV. No more than two A4 pages giving current and relevant experience.

3 Supporting images/media. Text, media and images from previous/current projects (or illustrations of ideas for development). No more than three A4 pages, with images saved at a low resolution. It may be useful to annotate documentation with captions to give context. We will only view/listen to one minute of media content, so if submitting sound/video please give extracts or note which part you want us to look at.

Applications are due by noon on Wednesday 14th September. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 20th September, and will then be asked to complete a creative task, before final selection is made. Selected applicants will be notified by 25th September and must be ready to start on Monday 26th October 2016.

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Into the Wild 2015-16 artists Handbook

into the wild handbook

Our Into the Wild 2015-16 artists have written a handbook bringing together thoughts and learning generated by their year-long programme. If you didn’t get your hands on a physical copy at the launch event and group show on 28th July, here’s a digital version of the booklet and images of participants’ recent works. Into the Wild is an artist development programme for 14 selected recent BA graduates, now entering its third year thanks to funding from Arts Council England.

To read their words of wisdom click on the above image and to see individual artist pages click below:
ITW artists pages 2015-16

And to see the book from our pioneering year click below:
ITW Handbooks 2014-2015


Standpoint Futures: A new Residency Collaboration


Standpoint Futures: A new Residency Collaboration

We’re delighted to announce a new collaboration that will see the Standpoint Futures Residencies taking place in our Studio4 in 2017. This will replace our existing residency programme for the time being.

Standpoint Futures is a residency programme for UK artists based outside Greater London, providing bespoke, high calibre opportunities for discussion and interaction with the London art world.  These visual art development residencies are for emerging/mid career artists and are designed to be flexible and responsive to the project, needs and desired outcomes of individual participants. The residency’s chief aims are to provide high quality, individualised opportunities to develop the artist’s practice and career, and to integrate London and the regional UK art world to promote access and the exchange of ideas.

Residencies are 6 weeks long and will run from mid-January to August 2017. We will be selecting three artists: two from England, one from Wales. One residency is designated for an ‘early career’ artist.

Artists receive: studio, accommodation, significant mentoring and development, plus modest per diem & travel allowance. Application process opens 1st August, and the deadline for applications is Tuesday 6 September. Interviews will be here at Chisenhale Studios on Tuesday 4 October

There is an application fee of  £16.00, which helps covers the cost of the selection process.

For information and application details please visit: 

or contact

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Into the Wild Launch Night – Thursday, July 28 at 6 PM – 8 PM


into the wild handbook

This year’s Into the Wild artists launch their handbook, sharing tips and wisdom about surviving and thriving after art school, drawing upon what they’ve learnt from guest speakers, mentors and one another.
Members of the group will also be exhibiting works.
Join us to celebrate.
Into the Wild Artists 2015-16:
Arzu Altin, Leena Chauhan, Jennifer Farrow Moore, John Fletcher,Tom James, Mark Lewis, Karanjit Panesar, Jack Otway, Sarah Roberts, Rebecca Sangster, Nikita Shergill, Gabriella Sonabend, Dickie Webb and Tascha Young.

Into the Wild is a free professional development programme for 14 selected recent BA graduates, designed and taught by Chisenhale Studio artists alongside a team of successful visiting artists and curators. Now in its second year, the course aims to offer support and inspiration to artists in the early stages of their career.


Students from the Curating MFA at Goldsmiths bring their projects to our Education Studio.

Goldsmiths Curating MA Students’ Programme.

In the Education Studio at Chisenhale Studios, 11th – 24th July 2016.

Students from the Curating MFA at Goldsmiths bring their projects to our Education Studio. Following selection by a panel of established curators, three outstanding projects have been chosen to take place in our education room this July.


Between the Nose and the Mouth. Curated by Ashlee Conery.

leonor image

11th July 6-9pm. Performance by Leonor Serrano Rivas. Taking place on the canal-side patio.

To amplify and reverberate what is inside out and outward in, Leonor Serrano Rivas draws from the minimal techniques outlined by Vitruvius for amplifying sound through hollow space and azoic materials. Chisenhale Studios opens its doors this July to peal its presence, fixed along a canal thats still surface is perfect for sending messages down the lock and beyond. How to listen to aesthetic codes speak and ornament sing, is the focus of Serrano Rivas’ installation and performance. Voices will move around the building calling over water, metal and brick, to test her sculptural additions as means for amplifying the secrets that lay within. Image: Leonor Serrano Rivas, research material.


12-16 July. Living In Chronic Times – Curated by Samantha Lippett.

‘Living In Chronic Times’ responds to “a contemporary ‘war’ on death”. Through a comprehensive investigation with an interdisciplinary survey of arts and health practitioners, Lippett aims to question the cause and affect of a chronically ‘death anxious’ population. She will highlight the paradoxical relationship between false understandings of mortality as a ‘curable’ human condition, particularly at a time of acute funding cuts to the NHS resulting in longer waiting times, dehumanised ‘care’ and an uncanny ‘acceptance’ of unethical or undignified endings. A multilayered project, ‘Living In Chronic Times’ will investigate such false understandings in relation to the recent phenomena of digital legacy and death services that Lippett suggests manipulate contemporary death anxiety in order to profit from our growing web-based labour before, and after, we die.

Tuesday 12th July. Chronic Time / Ethics of Care: 2pm – Three talks and a curator-led panel discussion. Sarah Lippett, ‘Time, Storytelling, Illness and Death’; Martin O’Brien, ’Performing The Chronic Body’; Lisa Baraitser and Laura Salisbury, ‘Waiting Times: Waiting and Care in the Time of Modernity’. 7pm – Screening of artist Martin O’Brien’s durational performance and Q&A.Living In Chronic Times, Final

Image: Sarah Delat, ‘Birth of Anaesthesia’, video still.

Wednesday 13th July. Digital Ethics:
All day – Exhibition of Sarah Derat’s, ‘Birth Of Anaesthesia’ video Installation, 2012. 7pm – Talk between curator and artist Sarah Derat.

Thursday 14th July. (Anti) Ageing:
11am Reading Group – text: Lynne Segal, ‘Out Of Time : The Pleasures and Perils of Ageing’. 7pm : Friedl Kubelka, ‘Me too, too, me too’ and Other Stories (45 mins) and curator led panel discussion: Richard Saltoun (Gallerist) and Giulia Casalini (Gallery Assistant).

Friday 15th July. Dawn of The (Digital) Dead:
11am – ’Digital Legacy Writing Workshop’ led by Samantha Lippett. 7pm – Rachel McRae, ‘Level 350’, Performance and Q&A.

Saturday 16th July. Endings / Breaking The Taboo:
Reading group 11am – texts: Marion Coutts, ‘The Iceberg : A Memoir’, and Atul Gawande, ‘Being Mortal : Medicine and What Matters In The End’.
5pm: Emma Berentsen, ‘The Last Supper’, Performative Dinner.
8pm: Thomas Cameron, ’At 6 with 7’, Sound Performance and Drinks Ceremony.
SET – Curated by Sol Polo.

Sunday 24th July, 7-9pm. Entry is free but capacity is very limited so we encourage to book early to secure your place.

SET is happy to host its first SET event in London this summer: a light installation by the Barcelona based artists and designers Clara Romaní and Octavi Serra stemming from their project FOS. The installation will respond to a dialogue with a surprise London based band and will be presented as part of their performance at Chisenhale Studios’ terrace.

SET is an experimental platform for emerging artists, musicians and filmmakers founded in Barcelona by a musician, a filmmaker and a curator. Every SET event is an installation / performance that results from a dialogue between a visual artist and a musician or a band.

Sol SET imageSol SET image2


Image: Sol Polo, documentation of a recent SET event.

All events will be held in the Education Studio at Chisenhale Studios.

For Booking see below:

Living in chronic time fb event:

Between nose and mouth event:

SET Eventbrite: