Chisenhale Primary School Exhibition for Arts Award 2016

13 December, 2016  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools


To mark the end of another successful year for the Public Programme, on Friday 9th December, we had the talented and dedicated pupils from Chisenhale School hold their Arts Award Exhibition at Chisenhale Art Place.

Arts Award is a valuable project which aims to inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it’s creative and accessible. The programme at the school is led by the artist Sara Heywood.

Once again the school partnered with Chisenhale to help enrich their experience with visits to our Studio Artists.
This year they visited Jeremy Hutchison and then Byzantia Harlow, who was resident in Studio4 during August and September. The budding artists then created new work which responded directly to these visits.

At the end of their project the children held an exhibition here, inviting the whole school plus parents and studio artists.


Lawdale School Film Project visit Shezad Dawood Studio


SD visit 4DSC_0175_edited-1

On 7th March 2016, children and parents from the Film Project* at Lawdale School were given a special opportunity to visit artist Shezad Dawood in his Chisenhale studio.

The visit started with a look around the studio and a talk with Shezad about his work, in which he shared some of his ideas and film techniques. The group then tried their hands at “storyboarding”, before Shezad opened a magic trunk of items from his early career – when his art was more performance based.  Using the objects as props, the children came up with some truly amazing film ideas which they presented.

*The Lawdale Film Project introduces children to the world of film making, providing them with the opportunity to make  decisions about the process at every level. Participating children explore every required skill – from script writing to story boarding –  and experience every crew role, from director and camera person to clapper board. They also get to do all the acting.

The project has been running for the past 5 years and is led by film artist Lisa Nash and supported both by Lawdale school and Chisenhale Art Place.

SD visit 1DSC_0186SD visit 2DSC_0183



Chisenhale Primary School Exhibition for Arts Award 2015

19 January, 2016  |  Public Programme, Schools

Arts Award 2015 1Pupils at Chisenhale Primary School are committed participants of the Arts Award. For several years the school’s programme has been led by artist Sara Heywood and run in partnership with Chisenhale Art Place.

To enrich their experience, the children are given a special opportunity to visit working artists in their studios and to talk directly with them – this year they visited Kate Hardy, a founding member and Alina Kisina, who is one of the newest.

At the end of their project, the children held an exhibition at Chisenhale Art Place, inviting the whole school plus parents and studio artists.

Arts Award 2


Arts Award 3




Chalk drawings at Chisenhale Street Party 2015

16 June, 2015  |  Public Programme, Schools


On Saturday 13th of June, Chisenhale Studio artists Kevin Harrison and Emma Gunningham took part in the annual Chisenhale Street Party. The residents, young and old had the opportunity to get creative with chalk drawings using the road and pavements as their canvas.



Space Academy at Chisenhale School summer fete

16 June, 2015  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools


moon base 2

As part of this years summer fete our artist astronaut Haydn Jones set up a ‘moon base’. The children’s  mission was to find the moon rocks hidden around the playground which gave them entry to the ‘Chisenhale Space Academy’.

The intrepid explorers completed their mission and are now looking to explore other planets in the solar system.


Chisenhale Primary School Exhibition for Arts Award

8 December, 2014  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools


DSC_0181For the past two years Chisenhale Primary School has taken part in the Arts Award, which aims to inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it’s creative, valuable and accessible. The programme at the school is led by the artist Sara Heywood.

On Friday 28th November, to mark the end of this term’s programme, the children held an exhibition at Chisenhale Art Place. They were able to display their work, much of which was inspired by the studio visits to both Charlotte Mew and Nadine Mahoney.






Help a Capital Child Visit Lawdale School for Film Screening

31 July, 2013  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools

On 22nd of July, Help a Capital Child visited Lawdale School for a special screening of the films produced by this years Film Project.

photo 21

The Children had the unique opportunity of thanking those that made it all possible in person.

Once the films were show the group were then able to ask the children and those involved questions on how the films were made.

Everyone was amazed at the quality of the films produced.

Stephanie Larner from the ‘Help a Capital Child’ office commented;

‘a huge thank you to you all for our screening of the fantastic films this morning. We were so impressed with each film and the hard work the children have put into making them really does show!
The children clearly love the film club , which is not surprising considering the passion and dedication you all put into the running of it. ‘



Film Screening at Lawdale School

19 July, 2013  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools


The second screening for the hugely successful film project took place at Lawdale School on the 2nd of July.

The assembly hall was filled with excitement and anticipation, with children, parents and teachers eager to see the films they had heard so much about. Especially as many students had seen the film makers filming throughout the year, so were curious to see the finished results.

The three films were shown and the audience had opportunity to ask question or make comments.  Many of the questions asked were about the special techniques used, such as time lapse and split screen.

“The films were wicked” said the students.  And the Deputy Head said he had three special letters to describe the three films: W O W


Chisenhale School Summer Fete


On Saturday 6th of July, Chisenhale Art Place took part in the ‘Summer Fete” at Chisenhale School, which was organised by the School’s PTA.

Uliana Apatina, an artist from Chisenhale Studios, led a workshop using ropes and strings to build a spatial site-specific installation that incorporated a special tree area. She wanted to build, in a playful way, a self-constructed habitation which would evolve and take shape in the process of creation. The installation would then be left to be used later for games and other activities.

A key focus was to inspire the natural joy that many children have, in building fantasy “habitations”.  The process aimed to help the children to evolve their spatial thinking and look at the familiar space from a different perspective.