Chisenhale School Summer Fete


On Saturday 6th of July, Chisenhale Art Place took part in the ‘Summer Fete” at Chisenhale School, which was organised by the School’s PTA.

Uliana Apatina, an artist from Chisenhale Studios, led a workshop using ropes and strings to build a spatial site-specific installation that incorporated a special tree area. She wanted to build, in a playful way, a self-constructed habitation which would evolve and take shape in the process of creation. The installation would then be left to be used later for games and other activities.

A key focus was to inspire the natural joy that many children have, in building fantasy “habitations”.  The process aimed to help the children to evolve their spatial thinking and look at the familiar space from a different perspective. 


Lawdale Film Project, Film Screening 1 at Chisenhale Art Place

3 July, 2013  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools

Film Screening Invite 2

After another successful year with the Film Project, participating children from Lawdale School, along with their classmates, returned to Chisenhale Art Place for a special screening of their three films.

The children – and more than a few adults – were buzzing with excitement to have the official screening held here.  Artist film-maker Sheena Macrae also attended the screening, on special request from the children.

After watching each film, the audience were able to ask the young film makers questions about what they had seen, and the film makers themselves had the opportunity to highlight any special points and techniques regarding their films.

Local press were on hand to take photos, and audiences commented on the amazing the quality of the work produced.  This was a particular achievement, given the short time frame of the project and the young age of the film makers.


Lawdale Film Project, Cascading film skills

3 July, 2013  |  Public Programme, Schools


The second phase for this year’s Film Project at Lawdale Primary School involved the cascading of skills from the Year 5 budding film makers down to aspiring film artists from Year 4.

The entire day was led by the children who had been doing the Film Project with artist Lisa Nash.  It was their opportunity to show what they had learnt, teaching the younger children new skills such as storyboarding, camera angles and editing.  The students were divided into three smaller groups, who then were able to trial their knowledge with actual filming to experience operating a camera hand-on.

One of the Year 5 students, Afwan, had prepared a power point to explain the stages of Film making which he presented to the class, he had done this on his own initiative and using his own computer skills.

At the end, the short films were showcased.  And to further explore the artistic process, there was Q & A session, allowing all those involved to offer explanation and opinion on the works produced.

Very impressive indeed.


Lawdale School Film Project – Visit to Studio4 and Chisenhale Gallery



On March 19th, Lawdale Film Project visited Chisenhale Art Place.

The visit started with a look at Studio4, and a talk with the current resident, Sheena Macrae.

Sheena showed her film work to the children, who themselves are creating an abstract film.  Sheena shared some of her ideas and techniques, in particular her use of layering.

The young film makers were so excited to take back the ideas and eager to experiment and apply them to their filmmaking. It was particularly useful for them to see an artist working in their own environment of a studio.

The children then visited the Chisenhale Gallery.  Here they were able to experience the next stage of artistic practice, the exhibiton of work in a Gallery environment: Corin Sworn’s The Rag Papers




‘The Locket’s Riddle’, Lawdale Junior School, 2011-12

The Locket’s Riddle film project was the second hugely successful collaboration between Chisenhale Art Place and Lawdale Junior School, funded by Help a Capital Child.

Chisenhale Art Place commissioned artist Lisa Nash to work with children and teachers from Year 5 on a series of script-writing and film workshops, which culminated in the making of a short-film, The Locket’s Riddle. The film is set in London Docklands and looks at the history of the area, relating directly back to the curriculum. With Lisa’s support, the children worked as a team to lead on all aspects of the film-making process – from story-boarding and directing to editing and costume-making.

The Locket’s Riddle was screened at the school in January 2012 to a large and enthusiastic audience of children, teachers and parents. A very special second screening took place at the Museum of London Docklands in March 2012, allowing the children to see their film on the big screen.

Many thanks to Help a Capital Child, the Museum of London Docklands, Lawdale form teachers Justine Kavanagh and Anita Vanjara, and volunteers Yasmin Kauser and Mavela Daley, for their support of and enthusiasm for the project.








Film Project at Lawdale School 2011

Last year in the autumn term at Lawdale school, Lisa Nash, visual artist and film maker created a  five minute film “The Vampire Bullies” with teacher Justine Kavanagh and Year 5 children,  because of  the huge success of this film project, the school starts it’s second film project this term.

In the first week, the group discussed their experience of film making before they started to brainstorm about what kind of film they would like to make.  Will it be a thriller a mystery, or maybe a romance?  As the children’s school year will be based on the London Docklands, they decided to somehow tie that in with their theme for the film.

Many of the children were interested in how filmatic “green screens” work, so Lisa decided to give them experience of how to use it for one of the sessions. The children had enormous fun using this technique, and were impressed with the special effects that can be created and are eager to use it for their film project.

When it came to developing the story there was much debate – but by the third session a story soon began to appear. They then had to develop the characters and agree on the final script. Then, despite having the theme, characters and the script there still was no title, so in recent sessions  the group worked on possible titles.  They also  rehearsed parts of the script, before auditing for the main six characters before Lisa and Justine.  After the final casting, in which everyone was happy with the outcomes,  attention was turned to costumes.

The days have been long, but everyone agrees they don’t want to go home at the end of each day, even though their brains are frazzled…….

Shooting will start soon!



Friday Lunchtime Art Club at Lawdale Junior School


Every Friday lunchtime at Lawdale Junior School a hive of creativity buzzes. Children from all year groups join the Chisenhale Studio artist Charlotte Mew and photographer Maria Andrews for some some free form exploration. Using found objects and their environment, the children give full rein to their vivid imaginations, drawing, making and bringing characters to life. This project is funded by Lawdale Junior School.


The Revenge!- Screening for pupils, teachers and parents at Lawdale Junior School

22 February, 2011  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools

On Friday 11th February at 10am, there was great excitement at Lawdale Junior School. All were waiting with baited breath to see the finished movie, The Revenge.  The film was made by a group of intrepid Year 5’s who were helped (a little) by the artist and film maker Lisa Nash, their form teacher Justine Kavanagh and the volunteer Yasmin Kauser.

The Revenge explores, with slick humour, the depths to which the 9 year old will go to revenge the dastardly deeds of the school bullies. Driven to almost despair by the terrible trickery of the bullies, their victims rally round to exert a well planned and superbly executed superhuman revenge on those self same bullies. Happily, receiving doses of their own medicine persuades the bullies of the error of their ways and, in a manner true to all great screen dramas, everyone lives happily ever after.

The film was screened to all school pupils and teachers with a number of parents also attending.  Judging by the peals of laughter from the audience, the film was a great hit.  The out takes, edited entirely by the children and Ms Kavanagh were, judging by the overwhelming audience response, even better received. No Oscar nominations are in the offing as yet, but Colin Firth should be worried.

The young film makers took questions from the audience. Questions were far reaching and wide ranging and covered themes from the difficulties involved in keeping a false nose on to the tedium of the constant takes needed to achieve filmic perfection.

The Head Teacher, Ms Annette Rook, spoke about the positive impact that making the film had on the creativity, confidence and aspirations of the children involved. She also reinforced the fact that young people need to grasp and take ownership of new media. She spoke also about how Lawdale School intended to embed new media  into the curriculum and use it to enhance that curriculum.

The making of The Revenge was graciously funded by Help a London Child.


The Revenge

1 December, 2010  |  Featured, Public Programme, Schools

Scary film, “The Revenge” is ready ! Conceived, acted, animated, filmed and edited  by the children of Lawdale Junior School with a little help from artist and film maker Lisa Nash,  the film receives it’s grand premier at the school on Friday 11th February. The whole school community, parents and invited guests will be present

“I had a lot of fun making a group storyboard and shooting from different angles. I learnt a lot of new words!” Hafsu

“I learned a new word today, tripod, which is a stand with three legs and holds a camera still.I have also had lots of fun when I was the camera person because I got to record lots of scenes”. Sameera

“We learned quite a lot of things and I would like to name just a few of them. We learned lots of different angles of the camera and also we learned about film directing and lots of different and important people that we need in a film.” Lamiya

“I learned how to use cameras and recorders and I also acted some shots. During the time I was being teh camera man, I was the only one who knew how to show all the videos after we recorded”. Mujahid

“We learnt about different kinds of camera shots. Furthermore about different frames. We also filmed our own storyboard ideas. When we used the camera, we got to tilt as well.” Khaled

“I have learned new words, “out take” and voice “overs”.  Tayeba

“Yes, I would like to make another film!” Mujahid

“I would do it again and would do it about a person who had a dream to be a footballer” Khaladam

“I believe this film could be a hit movie!” Anjum

“I would make another movie about two twins who were long lost” Raya

“I have learned editing, acting, directing and camera shooting” Ameer

“Outtake is the funny things at the end!” Anjum