Tim Knowles

Recent Works


Artist Tim Knowles lives and works in London. His work is exhibited widely both in the UK and internationally, recent shows include; Wanderlust a solo exhibition curated by Paula Orrell at Plymouth Arts Centre [2009] and Unpredictable forms of Sound and Motion Bitforms Gallery, New York [2009].
Knowles has produced a number of public works including Searchlight #1 for the Economist Plaza in 2008 and Windbarbs [2009] for Plymouth Hoe. He has just undertaken a British Council and CO-OS funded visit to Brazil, to work on The Weather Exchange, an International project conceived and curated by Tim Knowles and Brazilian artist Cadu Costa.

Chance is crucial to Tim Knowles’ work, which is generated by apparatus, mechanisms, systems and processes beyond the artist’s control. Akin to scientific experimentation a situation is engineered in which the outcome is unpredictable, directed by the external forces. These operations or performances seek to reveal the invisible forces in the world around us and investigate the nature of hidden systems.


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