‘Working with Wood’, Wood sculpture project at Chisenhale Art Place

Working with Wood is a skills-based arts outreach project for local young people aged 7-11, and taking place over the autumn of 2012.

The project is be led by Kevin Harrison, a sculptor who works principally with wood. Over the course of a term, Kevin will facilitate workshops for 12 young people for one day a week after school. He will introduce them to the practicalities of working with wood, from handling and caring for tools to getting to grips with essential wood working techniques.  This skills based knowledge will be linked to creativity; the young people will design and make sculptures in wood.

The project was funded by the generous Ernest Cook Trust, for more information regarding the trust go to: http://www.ernestcooktrust.org.uk/

Our Public Programme aims to facilitate and encourage opportunities in learning, exploration, understanding and expression through art. We’ve been developing and delivering educational art based workshops in our local and wider community for the past 28 years to people across varying abilities, age ranges, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.