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Chisenhale Art Place

Chisenhale Art Place (CAP) occupies a special position in London’s East End, providing valuable space for the production and experience of contemporary visual arts and dance – all under one roof.

CAP was established in 1980 when a group of artists and dancers were evicted from their studios at Butler’s Wharf by property developers. Over in East London vast numbers of buildings lay empty, and so the group focused their search for a new home there.

Chisenhale Works, a former factory, had been derelict for over a decade. Founding members recall a filthy, empty shell – apart from an enormous pile of silver shoes – with little to suggest its future purpose.

To the group however, the place was ideal. Rubbish and graffiti had to be removed, roofing, electrics, glazing, walls and doors all had to be installed – with most of the work being carried out by the artists and dancers themselves. It took over two year years to create Chisenhale Art Place, complete with 40 artists studios and two dance studios. In time, the Gallery was created to provide a public exhibition space.

Today, Chisenhale Art Place is thriving. Home to three distinct initiatives – Chisenhale Dance Space, Chisenhale Gallery and Chisenhale Studios – with each operating unique programmes that enable emerging and established artists and dancers to develop, experiment and make exceptional work.  And in turn, creating extensive opportunities for audiences and communities near and far to participate, learn and engage.


Chisenhale Art Place  (CAP) is a company limited by guarantee (no.01615990). The company is also a registered charity (no. 285125) established to promote art education.  CAP’s Board of Trustees act to ensure the smooth and compliant running of the organisation and  that the charitable aims & objectives are met. Our two Member organisations, Chisenhale Dance Space and Chisenhale Gallery, are independently managed with their own Boards of Trustees.  A representative from each also sits on CAP’s Board of Trustees along with elected artists from Chisenhale Studios’.  They join other trustees who bring professional expertise in fields such as Finance, Fundraising, Property, HR and the Environment.

Trustees of Chisenhale Art Place

Lucy Kennedy (Chair)
Julie Baines
Kate Hardy
Sarah Musgrove

Michael Regan
Isabelle Hancock
Sian Harding
Nadine Mahoney


Chisenhale Art Place & Chisenhale Studios
Executive Director: Andrea Davidson (outgoing), Andy Wakelin (incoming)
Administrator: Sam Thompson-Plant

Chisenhale Gallery
Director: Zoé Whitley
Deputy Director: Joyce Cronin (temporary)
Full list of Chisenhale Gallery Staff

Chisenhale Dance Space
Executive Director: Reece McMahon
General Manager: Rachel Goodsall
Full list of Chisenhale Dance Space Staff

We are continually reviewing and uploading more current policies from Summer 2022.

CAP Safeguarding policy

CAP Fire Safety

CAP Anti-bullying and Harrassment Policy

CAP Grievance Procedure

CAP Smoke Free Policy

Equal Opportunities (CAP and Studios)

Privacy Policy (CAP and Studios)

Policies labelled CAP are applicable to all members of Chisenhale Art Place (CAP). Other policies are applicable only to CAP and Chisenhale Studios, as Chisenhale Gallery and Chisenhale Dance Space are governed by own policies specific to their operations.

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