Women’s History Month in East London 1-31 March

4 March, 2019|

Chisenhale Studios will be offering a fantastic line up of talks and workshops throughout March to celebrate Women's History Month, some of the artist taking part will be Alicia Paz, Fritha Jenkins, Sophie Buxton and [...]

Featured Artist

Henrietta Armstrong

Henrietta Armstrong is a multimedia artist using sculpture, ceramics, painting and digital art within her practice, which is influenced by archaeology and anthropology. Whilst fabricating archaeological artefacts and relics, she looks at the ceremonial practices that could be applied to them, considering rituals from the past and future. Looking at defunct technologies and structures she digitally alters their forms to create futuristic totems. ‘Future Archaeology’ is a title she has coined for an ongoing body of work, looking at how we analyse items discovered from earlier civilisations. She considers what we are leaving behind and how this will be deciphered by our future descendants

She is currently working on a permanent public sculpture commission, creating a series of 12 sculptures that will be sited around the Trig Point of Pendle Hill in Lancashire. Commissioned by Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership and In-Situ, the sculptures are due to be installed in the Spring of 2019.

Henrietta will be sharing a studio with Kirsty Harris, an artist who explores the notion of nuclear explosions as cultural, historical and iconic symbols. They work together on many projects as well as organising and curating exhibitions. They are currently in the early stages of setting up a platform for artists called ‘Come Quick Disaster’, that aims to provide help and information in the form of a support network.

Image: Henrietta Armstrong