Friday 17th May
Josh Leon

Your Head, Mind is the first one-night event-exhibition from the How Does it Feel? series of workshops and events organised by artist and poet Josh Leon at Chisenhale Studios. For this first instalment, Leon will collaborate with artist Luli Perez to produce a unique space that pursues the idea of being caught in the moment of the un-understandable. The collaboration will look at the nature of witnessing and its relationship to language and the emotional.

How does it Feel? is a series of events and workshops organised by poet and artist Josh Leon. The series addresses the idea of translating the untranslatable, attempting to understand our relationship to complicated forms; be they objects, language, persons or experiences. Over the course of the series, Leon will organise four collaborative event-exhibitions with contemporary artists and two workshops. The first workshop will be a writing and oral exercise based in transcribing the untranslatable, whilst the second focuses on the historical underpinnings of the project using cooking and the dinner as a space to study, discuss and be vulnerable.