Born In Flames: screening and discussion
6-9pm Saturday 18 May
Education Room, Ground floor

Born in Flames will be screening in the Studios’ Education Room, at 6.30pm on Saturday 18th May as part of the Open Weekend. 

Set ten years after the most peaceful revolution in United States history, a revolution in which a socialist government gains power, this films presents a dystopia in which the issues of many progressive groups are ostensibly dealt with by the government, and yet there are still problems with jobs, with gender issues, with governmental preference and violence. In New York City, in this future time, a group of women decide to organise and mobilise, to take the revolution farther than anyone ever imagined in their lifetimes.

The screening  (run time is 1hr 30 mins) will be followed by a short break and a group discussion, which will explore how the film sits within contemporary discourse today.  The event is programmed and led by the artists currently taking part in this year’s Into the Wild programme.



As part of the Open Weekend taking place across Chisenhale Art Place, the artists taking part in the Studios’ Into the Wild programme will be running three events:  a film screening & discussion on Saturday evening and two workshops on Sunday afternoon.   They will also be selling editions of artwork to raise funds for the programme.