As part of our annual collaboration with Goldsmiths Curating MFA,

Pipe Dreams will take place 31 March – 2 April 2023 (Fri – Sun).  The curators will be unfolding a series of time-based, interactive art pieces in our ground floor Education Space. As a site-specific response to the neighbouring canal of Chisenhale Studios, “Pipe Dreams” invites audience to a reflexive exploration on how we submerge, flow, suffocate, breathe, react, and transform in canals, ducts, pipes and vessels, in turbid flux and flow. It includes re-enacted and newly developed art pieces of interactive installations, performances, and moving images, by Lucy Clout, Lena Hannigan, Siin Lee, Qingqing Liu, Zack Mennell, Laure Vigna and Joana Viveiros. 

Friday 31 March

Sat & Sun 1-2 April

All the Pipe Dreams events are free to attend. For full programme details, please follow “Pipe Dreams” on

instagram pipe___dreams 

 Curated by Stephanie Chung & Priscilla Lo 

 Supported by Department of Art, Goldsmiths