For the last five weeks, Jon George and Kevin Harrison have been leading the Art of Growing workshops.

Jon George started with the first two weeks, showing the group an unusual technique of using a glue and chalk mixture to prepare a surface on which to paint. The mixture was used to cover a wood background, layer by layer until enough was built up to provide a smooth surface making it lovely to paint on. In the second workshop the group learnt how to make a special paint mix, produced using colour pigment, egg yolk and water called egg tempera. The richness in colurs created was wonderful and much appreciated by all.

Kevin Harrison’s three week workshop embraced the enormous fun of using wood to make sculptures.  All enjoyed the knocking and sawing and hands on experience of working with wood, creating some astounding works of art.

The last workshop session for this year will be led by Charlotte Mew, so no doubt there will be a wonderful surprise in store for everyone. The workshops are open for all ages and abilities and are a rare opportunity for everyone to experience professional art making techniques from experienced artists.

All welcome.