Education Room, Chisenhale Studios
Opening: Thursday 17, 6-9pm
Exhibition Continues: 18-20 October, 12-6pm

Into the Wild 2019 present an exploration of peer to peer (P2P) as a mode of art production, governance and property. P2P is a type of social relation, where members have maximum freedom to connect, as well as a technological infrastructure, which makes possible the scaling up of such relations. This enables a new mode of production, where shared cultural value is produced through open contributory systems (e.g. Wikipedia).

For this exhibition all participants of Into the Wild 2019 have formed a context specific cooperative, in which members have equal governing authority in how the works are produced, exhibited, owned, and distributed. Geared towards a commoning of artistic expression, the productive knowledge of each participant is pooled, in order to create artworks that function as shared resources. Artworks are considered open-ended entities, that can be added to and used in new iterations, always mutating in a constant state of becoming. Thus, creating a new process-oriented art ecosystem.

In the face of increasing precariousness, the exhibition considers P2P as a model for a diversity and pluralism of ownership, that could transform the relations and conditions of property reproduced by the field of art. Ultimately, creating potential for a transition to a commons-oriented art economy.

This exhibition is part of Art Licks Weekend 2019, in response to this year’s theme of interdependence.

Art P2P: Towards a Commoning of Artistic Expression: Open dialogue 
Sunday 20 October, 3-4.30pm 

A public conversation between participant artists/curators reflecting on P2P as a model for art production and management.

What is peer to peer? How does it operate in the context of art? What happens when all members of a context-specific cooperative have equal governing authority in how the works are produced, exhibited, owned, and distributed?

Devised in response to some key aspects in the book Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto by Michel Bauwens, Vasilis Kostakis and Alex Pazaitis published on March 2019. Use the following link to download the book:

All welcome, no booking required.