Chisenhale Art Place were thrilled to take part in Chisenhale Primary’s schools ‘Art Week’. From the 1st to 5th of July, all areas of the school were taken over by art; the playground, corridor, hall, garden, learning room or even a cupboard were available for art of some sort.

The children used different Rights Respecting Article as a starting point for their inspiration. It was an exciting and playful five days where all students were given the opportunity to work with at least one visiting artist to learn new skills, techniques and experiment with materials. Each child also had the opportunity to go on a trip once in the week to visit an artist’s studio, a gallery or museum exhibition.

Chisenhale Studio artists; Kevin Harrison, Nadine Mahoney and Charlotte Mew were three of the leading artist who helped the children and teachers to create some of the wonderful artwork during the week.

To give the children an immersive experience of a working art organisation, they visited all three sections of our building with visits to artist studios as well as an interactive movement based workshop at Chisenhale Dancespace and a visit to Chisenahle Gallery to see the exhibition there.

An exhibition of final works was presented on Friday afternoon at a celebration event where all involved were invited into the school to see the incredible work produced. Every where you went there were installations, art displays, art activity or presentation/ performance event of some sort.

Sara Heywood one of the Art Week’s coordinator commented: ‘a very big thank you to all of you for the hard work and dedication you put in to making Art Week so successful last week at Chisenhale School. We have had lots of lovely feedback from children, staff and parents who have commented on the wonderfully creative and very high quality of the art works.’

Art work by Children from Chisenhale Primary School