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Each year we support dozens of artists who don’t have a studio with us; through residencies in Studio4 and the Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio, mentoring schemes such as the Into the Wild emerging artists’ programme, and by hosting artist-led events and exhibitions in our education room. To stay up to date with our open calls please sign up to our newsletter here.

Artists of the Wild, Unite!

12 November, 2018|Categories: Artists Development|

Graduation day dawns for a new generation of budding artists… with the combined sense of liberation and danger familiar to all who have undergone a lengthy duration in a full time course, or a full time job. After three years [...]

Destruction in Art 2.0: Documentation

6 November, 2018|Categories: Residencies & Awards|

  David Blakemore (Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio Awardee) recently organised a Destruction in Art Symposium in our Studio4. Destruction in Art 2.0: Documentation DIAS 2.0 consisted of a panel discussion, punctuated by a Q & A and a selection of [...]