Chisenhale Studios is seeking an Artist Interpreter to support the delivery and communication of the new ‘Wild Associates’ programme, part of alternative arts education programme ‘Into the Wild 2021/22’


Into the Wild is a free, year-long alternative arts education programme for artists at Chisenhale Studios. It aims to offer support and inspiration to artists in the early stages of their career and to critically interrogate what we understand as a successful and sustainable artistic practice. Selected artists are 1-4 years out of BA or at a similar stage in their creative practice. The programme involves 8 taught sessions across 16 weeks of talks and workshops by leading arts professionals, interspersed with creative activities set by artists; mentoring from Chisenhale Studio Members and other artists and practitioners; opportunities to publicly present work, develop and deliver programming; and other opportunities to develop creative practice.

Into the Wild is led by Sophie Chapman (Artist Facilitator) & Rosie Hermon (Artist Development Coordinator). The programme was conceived by Chisenhale Studio Members as a way of giving back and reaching out to new generations of artists. 2021-22 will be the sixth year that we have received Arts Council England funding to run the programme.

The Artist Interpreter role is part of our exploration into alternative methods of dissemination. Over the last few years, we have also been working to widen access to the programme and counter the idea that knowledge and information should be exclusive. The core function of the role will be to share creative interpretation of the knowledge and information produced through the programme in a way that is engaging and useful for an online audience of emerging artists – specifically the emerging artists connecting with Into the Wild through our new Wild Associates programme.

As part of Into the Wild’s centring of the need for more equitable art worlds, we are committed to sharing the information, learning and resources of the programme widely, so that they might be of benefit to artists beyond the core cohort. As such, this year we are initiating ‘Wild Associates’, open to all those that apply to Into the Wild 2021/22 (who meet the eligibility criteria of the programme). As part of the Wild Associates programme we will organise online meet-ups, initiate creative exercises and share resources and online sessions. The expanded group of Associates will connect with the core group for the final sharing event, to celebrate the programme end.

For more information about Into the Wild please visit:

Artist Brief

The Artist Interpreter will follow the Into the Wild programme through attending key sessions and moments. From this experience they will produce creative documentation and responses that can be shared online with the wider group of Wild Associate artists. They will present ideas and information drawn from the Into the Wild programme, mediate between the Wild Associates, and be a point of connection between the Associates and the main programme. Interpretation could take the form of texts, drawings, images, film, animation, sound, a combination of any of these, and any other medium that the applicant believes could work in this online context. The Artist Interpreter will need to be mindful of issues of access and accessibility in considering how information is communicated.

The primary site of dissemination will be the Mesh wiki (, but we are open to discussing other modes of dissemination in addition to this.

Into the Wild kicks-off in September 2021 and runs until June/July 2022. The primary focus of the Artist Interpreter role will be on the mediation of the taught programme, which runs from September until January 2022. The Artist Interpreter will be expected to attend some sessions in person, to be agreed with the Artist Facilitator. The programme is based in the ground floor Education Room at Chisenhale Studios, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ. Chisenhale Studios education room is fully wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet. Chisenhale Studios can be accessed on public transport via Mile End tube station (which does not have a lift), from there it is a 2- minute walk or short bus ride on the 277 up Grove road (6-8 minute walk between Mile End station and the bus stop, and 6-8 minutes between the bus stop and Chisenhale Studios). We are happy to advise on other routes.

The Associate programme will begin with an online evening launch in early-mid September (date TBC), which the Artist Interpreter will be expected to attend.

We are looking for an artist with demonstrable experience of undertaking projects that address creative documentation, reflection and/or interpretation and who has an interest in alternative educational models for artists.


The fee for this role is £2200. This is a freelance position, which is paid at a rate of £220 per day for 10 days work.


To apply please send an annotated portfolio, which describes and reflects upon how examples of your previous work relate to the ideas of creative documentation/reflection/interpretation. This can be up to 10 pages or submitted as a link to an online film-based submission of up to 3 minutes in duration.

Please submit this in conjunction with a cover letter (max. 500 words) or link to a video (3 minutes max), describing your overall approach to the opportunity, highlighting your relevant experience and your interest/engagement with alternative educational models within an art context. Applications must be submitted as a PDF of 5MB or less.

Please send your applications to

If you have an access statement, please attach this to your application.

If you have any queries about your application you can contact, but please also copy in

Deadline for applications is by end of day Sunday 1 August 2021

Interviews will take place on Wednesday 4 August 2021 via Zoom

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image: Into the Wild 2020 Activity with Raju Rage on under/valued energetic economies