Join us for a free one-off workshop to witness beautiful trails made by cosmic particles that are constantly passing through us and our world unseen! Cloud Chambers allow a glimpse into the invisible world of particles produced in the radioactive decay of naturally occurring elements and those generated when cosmic rays strike the top of the Earth’s atmosphere.

In the workshop, participants will see a large cloud chamber in action and make their own mini cloud chamber. Using a sealed plastic container, some pure alcohol and dry ice participants will create a super-saturated environment where the invisible charged particles ionize the vapour in their path triggering a condensation process in the ‘cloud’. We will discuss how a cloud chamber works and think about other even more elusive particles such as dark matter that scientists are unable to detect at present.
This workshop is led by Susan Eyre, an artist who is interested in ways of visualising the unseen activities of matter around us and how we relate to the idea that most of our universe is beyond our perception.

Although everyone is welcome  to attend, this event is not suitable for those under 12 years of age.

This workshop will take place in our Studio4 on the first floor, where there is no elevator or stair lift.

Note too that dry ice will be used in the workshop under the supervision of the artist.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL.  Please email to secure a place.