David Blakemore (Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio Awardee) recently organised a Destruction in Art Symposium in our Studio4.

Destruction in Art 2.0: Documentation

DIAS 2.0 consisted of a panel discussion, punctuated by a Q & A and a selection of installed works. The panel included of David Blackmore (Chair), Michael Hampton (Writer & Theorist), Sarah Pickering (Artist) and Amikam Toren (Artist).

The original Destruction in Art symposium (DIAS) was held in London in 1966, organised by artist Gustav Metzger. Following the death of Metzger last year DIAS 2.0 seeks to examine the societal & cultural significance of destruction in the present day through its persistent use as subject matter and methodology in art.

If you’d like to listen in, here are the links to the documentation of the symposium.

Introduction by DB

Michael Hampton

Sarah Pickering

Amikam Toren