Education Room
Sunday 29 September

Plants Speak, If We Listen II, part of the takeover by Goldsmiths MFA Curating students, is the second meeting investigating the role of nature in contemporary art, especially considering our current climate crisis. It is convened by Mariana Lemos.

What would plants say, if we could listen? Often considered at the bottom of the living species pyramid, plants are the silent witness to our European imperialist heritage. Forced to adapt to our needs and wants, what would we learn if we adjusted our ears to their communication?

In Ancient Greece, the symposium (originally meaning ‘to drink together’) was a part of a banquet that took place after the meal, when drinking was accompanied by music, dancing, recitals, or conversation. This meeting will be a series of workshops, performances, videos and conversations, exchanging research that reflects on plants as marginalised species and considering them instead as kin. What would plants tell us about the language, domination and categorisation inflicted on the environment and all living beings?

The group aims to work through the problematics of exhibiting the complex reality of our times: the extinction of species, the destruction of our environment and our shared existence, towards a collective understanding.

Anyone interested is welcome to join the discussion, but we will expect your fruitful contribution. If you are interested in presenting your research or work please contact

Organised by Mariana Lemos, Laura Mallows, Paula Turmina & Kevin Poulton, Korallia Stergides, Beth Perkin & Helen Brewer & Alex Calvas (Into The Mesh collective), Bart Hajduk, Bronte Dow, Jessica Timbs & Sam Jones & Hannah Cass-Simpso and Indianna Solnick-Farrell

Please book a free spot on Eventbrite and bring drinks and snacks to share with all.