Lawdale School once again made their annual trek to Chisenhale Studios.  This time, the children and parents of the School’s ever successful Film Project came to meet artist Seth Pimlott, the 2016/17 recipient of our Pete Lloyd Lewis Studio Award.

The visit started with a look around the studio and a talk with Seth about his work, including the screening of a film he had been working on.

The group then took part in a workshop using the mapping technique, to help release their creativity. The children were asked to think of things connected to their response to moving from Primary school to Secondary School, which unleashed some amazing drawings about their fears and hopes.

The Lawdale Film Project introduces children to the world of film making, providing them with the opportunity to make  decisions about the process at every level. Participating children explore every required skill – from script writing to story boarding –  and experience every crew role, from director and camera person to clapper board. They also get to do all the acting. The project has been running for the past 5 years and is led by film artist Lisa Nash and supported both by Lawdale School and Chisenhale Art Place.