Friday 3 – Sunday 5 September, 2-5pm

Artist Sonia E Barrett is bringing together Myco-Lective artists and the Map-Lective in Studio4. Sonia is the initiator and co-founder of the Map-Lective and convened a Map-lective at Chisenhale Studios on Monday 30 August to create a new work for Studio4. She is also one of 6 artists participating in Chisenhale Studio’s Myco-Lective programme, inviting other Myco-Lective members to contribute their works to create a dialogue between the Map-lective and Myco-Lective in the space.

The Map-lective is a collective of black and brown women working with the map, who take techniques of personal care embedded in black communities and use them to deal with maps. In dread-locking or braiding the map, the Map-lective are creating a space for a new understanding of maps. An Inaugural work spanning 6 metres was created At the Royal Geographic Society London earlier this year. The Map-lective work at Chisenhale Studios has been created by Sonia, Mia Morris OBE, Chantelle Purcell and participants to a drop-in workshop.

Myco-Lective takes its inspiration from human and non-human models of education, collective action, care, reciprocal networking, and mutual aid, including the mycorrhizal networks of the forest, where plants share nourishment and knowledge via the under-soil web of fungal mycelium. Myco-Lective draws on informal pedagogical models to lead the development of new ideas, skills and collectivities, actively nurturing an ongoing collaborative approach and reciprocal support network. Myco-Lective artists participating in this project are Sonia E Barrett, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Sam Hodge and Feral Practice/Fiona McDonald.

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You must wear a mask at all times whilst in Chisenhale Studios unless you are exempt. Please observe social distancing when moving around the space.

Image: Detail of Map-Lective installation at the Royal Geographic Society