On Monday 30th August, Chisenhale Studios will be hosting the Map-Lective in Studio 4.  And we’re looking for people locally to get involved.

The Map-Lective is a collective of mapmakers who are dealing with the maps linked by triangular trade, involving the shipping of plants, trees, people, ores and animals from the African continent and Caribbean to the USA and Europe. Together they create new maps that reflect the interconnectedness of these spaces and challenge the hegemony of the map as understood in a Eurocentric way.

By braiding and dread locking the map to create an immersive aerial sculpture, they use black and brown community-based practices of care-mongering to counter Eurocentric practices of war-mongering to which the map is central.

The map-Lective was inaugurated in The Map Room at the Royal Geographical Society in London where key European mapmakers are celebrated, the rooms were also the public beginning and end point of many map making expeditions. The work began using archival maps from the Society and the Colonial Office.

Map-Lective hope to iterate the work in each of the key geographical spaces related to triangular trade convening local map-lectives in each location to build on the work of the last iteration.

If you are interested in being part of the Map-Lective at Chisenhale Studios, please email info@map-lective.com