We are excited to launch our newly commissioned website which shares excerpts from the Myco-Lective programme. The website has been designed by Myco artists and is itself an artwork! The rippling, interconnected shapes draw inspiration from the soft dynamic arrangements of living and growing beings sharing space.

As you roam around, you can click links to different content, including video, sound, images and texts.  For that reason, the site is best experienced on a computer or tablet and works best in Chrome or Firefox.

Myco-Lective is a programme for artists engaging with ecological thinking, climate change, and multispecies futures. It takes its inspiration from human and non-human models of education, collective action, care, reciprocal networking, and mutual aid, including the mycorrhizal networks of the forest, where plants share nourishment and knowledge via the under-soil web of fungal mycelium.

It was developed and facilitated by Feral Practice (Fiona MacDonald+) in association with Chisenhale Studios. Fiona brought her experience in artist development, posthumanist thought, practices of attention and multispecies aesthetics. The lead artist was speculative writer and researcher Ama Josephine Budge, who brought her expertise in queer identity, speculative fictioning and climate colonialism, and co-held the initial sessions with great warmth and care.  Participants were Joseph Morgan Schofield, Sonia Barrett, Angela Chan, Linda Persson, Laurèl Hadleigh and Sam Hodge.  The website was built by Ali Ashe.

Here’s the link this wonderful website: Myco-lective.net