Open Studios are back! 

After a necessary pause the last few years, we are quite delighted to open our studio doors to the public again.  We’re scaling things back a bit to keep everyone safe and comfortable, but with three years worth of work having been made, there is a bounty of new art to be discovered.  All forty studios will be open and everyone is welcome to wander in and out, see what’s on show and if you fancy a chat with the artists about their work, they’ll of course be on hand too!

We’ll also have some special free activities going on in various studios, so if you like to try something new then see below for what’s on offer.  So far, we have:  making your own watercolour paint; medium format camera portraits and film processing; collage postcard making; some special hand jiving and temporary painting using a Buddha Board.

Opening times for all studios are:
Friday 20th May 6-9pm
Saturday 21st May 2-6pm
Sunday 22nd May 2-6pm

Plus Free Activities:

1. Make your own watercolour paint:  Choose from a selection of earth and vibrant pigments to make your own artist quality watercolour in a pan to take home. Activity takes about  twenty minutes and is for adults and accompanied children age 8+
Friday 20th 6.30pm
Sat 21st 3pm
Sun 22nd 3pm

Artist and Studio: Nadine Mahoney, Studio 16, Second Floor


2.  Medium Format Film Cameras:  Meet new people and take their portrait using a medium format film camera (these create a larger negative than normal film cameras).  You can come back later in the day to learn to process the film and see the results.  Participants will receive a scan of their own portrait to use as they wish.
Drop-in throughout opening hours. But best to come before 4.30 on the Saturday and Sunday if want to process the film.

Artist and Studio:  Edwin Mingard, Studio 31b, Third Floor


3.  Wish you were here:  A workshop combining Collage postcard making with Haiku writing and printing. Each session can accommodate 4 adults or 2 adults & 2 children.

Times: (this an update to previously posted time)
2.30, 3.30, 4.30 and 5.30 on Saturday and Sunday

Artist and Studio: Kate Hardy, Studio 3, First Floor


4.  Hand Jiving:  Hand Jive to the music of Miguel Migs.
Friday 20th at 7.30pm

Saturday 21st 3pm and 4.30pm
Sunday 22nd 3pm and 4.30pm

Artist and Studio: Richard Layzell, Studio 28, Third Floor


5. Create and Let Go:   Make a temporary artwork on a Buddha Board.  This is a digital canvas on which you paint using water, and as the water evaporates so does your work.
 Drop-in throughout opening hours.

Artist and Studio:  Joy Girvin, Studio 30, Third Floor

Please note that our studios are spread over four floors and there is currently no step-free access except the ground floor.