New Books by John Peter Askew and Felicity Allen
Sunday 19 May, 2-6pm
Reading at 4.45pm 


During the Open Weekend, John Peter Askew will have his new book, We (Kerber Verlag, Berlin, 2019) available in his studio. Published to accompany Askew’s exhibition at The Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland 2019 and launched at the Photographer’s Gallery (June 27th 6-8pm). We  is made up of poetic images of domestic life shaped by historical forces to create an epic portrait across generations of the Chulakov family. Since 1996. He has photographed the Russian city of Perm, the easternmost city in Europe, as part of a project investigating the state of modern Europe. Askew’s photographs ask us to imagine the possibility of a better, more playful world and is situated alongside texts by Ian Jeffrey, Fatos Ustek, Lee Triming, and Alistair Robinson.

In a work that gives a contrasting perspective of Russian contemporary life, artist and writer Felicity Allen will be reading from her new book, Psycho-Neurological Poem in 3 Parts (Litmus Publishing, 2019), which came out of a Russian residency in 2017 with the residential Psycho-Neurological Centre no 3 for disabled people. This will be at 4.45pm in Askew’s studio. Allen’s book will also be available.

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