Young Voices is an innovative project delivered in partnership by Praxis Community Projects, Kazzum Theatre Company and Queen Mary University of London to develop leadership among young people from new, displaced communities whose “traditional” pathways to leadership have been left behind elsewhere in the world.

Young Voices at Chisenhale Art Place was facilitated by the previous resident of our Education studio, Tom Hobson. Tom led six workshops over six weeks that explored issues relevant to young people living in London; their likes and dislikes about city life and their aspirations for their future. The processes used in the workshops helped the young people to become more confident in expressing their views and opinions in a more creative medium. Tom helped them to understand that through creative experiment they could gain new skills and learn new ways to interact with the environment around them. Activities included film making, photography, watercolours, collage and animation. After the workshops, Tom gathered together all the work produced by the young people to compile one piece of cohesive collaborative work that showcased each individual’s talents.

To view work from the Young Voices project CLICK HERE!