As part of the Open Weekend taking place across Chisenhale Art Place, the artists taking part in the Studios’ Into the Wild programme will be running three events:  a film screening & discussion on Saturday evening and two workshops on Sunday afternoon.   They will also be selling editions of artwork to raise funds for the programme. 


Tape Looping Workshop
Sunday 19th May
2 -3 pm
Studios’ Education Room

Love using cassette tapes? Then join this free workshop to learn how to make basic audio loops using cassette tapes. There will be a selection of old cassettes available, along with a tape player and speakers to test out your results. Feel free to bring along your own cassettes.

The workshop will start with a short demonstration of how to disassemble a cassette, create a loop with the magnetic tape inside, and then reassemble so the cassette so that it can be played on any tape player.

The rest of the workshop will be spent on the actual construction of the loop, which can be fairly tricky.  Help will be on hand!  Participants can then play their tapes at the end and are welcome to take their loop home.



Sunday 19th May
Studios’ Education Room

Riff-Raffle is an hour long event that gives audience members the opportunity to perform, showcase sound or display moving image work for exactly 5 minutes.

But as you may have guessed from the name, participants wishing to perform or display their work must take a ticket. The holder or holders of the tickets will then be selected at random and invited onto the ‘stage’ to showcase or perform in front of the audience. Note that digital artists can show works via the internet or external storage device, as there will be a laptop and projector set up.

Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to take a ticket to be in the audience.