Walls Have Tongues Too
Another chance to experience this improv performance / session combined with sculptures and video.
Performed by: Hamish MacPherson,
Tay Catford and Emma Bäcklund
5 – 7 pm, 23rd June
Chisenhale Studio 4
“Where does a word originate from?
Nude, isolated from its co-form, the tongue speaks its own language. When this speaking tongue merge with body,
walls appear forming the circular shaped mouth. Who is responsible for this uttering?
Where does a thought originate from?
Both inside and out, in the between space of the mouth. On the tip of the tongue, the words came about.
Transformed from a thought toward a sphere between forgetting and remembering. Does a thought matter more, as matter?
Thinking the thought, reduced to an invisible vibrating form. In the boundary of its walls, it exits one body to enter another.
Where does a movement originate from?
How can one strip off ones habitual structure and muscle memory? Surely an impossible task.
But beyond comfort and inhibition the body can perhaps find new unexplored patterns and rhythms, shapings and movements.
Based on a word, disjoined and isolated from its context, reincorporated in the body of another mind it transforms in an ongoing recycled, liquid form.
The tongue hung passive as if it didn’t have a body, hollow, guided by its hanging point and surrounding.
Another tongue lost control and within that found a new language, swallowing.”
“ This event will include improvisation dance, sculptures and video. The visitor is invited to either write down one word on a piece of paper or choose one word on a piece of paper to bodily incorporate.”
Audience and performers merge between their roles and exchange thought processes, language and movement.
All are welcome!