6 July – 2 August

Alicia Reyes McNamara has been seeking ways to further research the Irish part of her culture and how this intersects with her Mexican-American upbringing, as the two histories live side by side within her. These two seemingly disparate cultures have at different points in history, collided. Shared histories include would be the San Patricio’s or St. Patrick’s Irish Battalion that switched sides to fight with the Mexican Army during the Mexican–American War, brought together by their shared catholic religion. Another example is within the folkloric aspects of culture such as the similarities between the female mythical figures of the Banshee (who announces death within Irish culture) and La Llorona in Mexican culture. Both represent “hysterical women” grieving the loss of loved ones.

The themes of loss, mourning and healing, and the folklore associated with these practices, are central to Alicia’s residency in Studio4. As part of her residency Alicia will be creating a large tufted floor piece, inviting people to contribute clothing that they no longer need that will be worked into the piece.

Residency Events

Sound Altar: Workshop with Alicia Reyes McNamara and Invited Guests

Alicia will be hosting two workshop events alongside two invited artists celebrating healing and healers, through folklore, rituals around mourning, and music, to create a holding space in which to process loss.

Alicia is asking that all workshop attendees bring an item or items of clothing you no longer wear and would like to donate. Alicia will use these fabric donations to create a tufted floor piece during her residency.

17 July, 2-3.30pm
31 July, 3-4.30pm

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Open Studio

On the final Saturday of her residency Alicia will host an Open Studio for visitors to see the works in progress produced over the course of the residency.

31 July, 11am-1pm & 4.30-6pm, tickets available soon.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions capacity is limited and visitors will need to book a timed slot in advance, for the performance and open studios. Please wear a mask (unless exempt) and follow social distancing.

Alicia Reyes McNamara‘s work to date primarily deals with issues of displacement, particularly within a double diaspora. It aims to challenge the incomplete identities that are constructed by two-dimensional ideas and representations of Latinx culture. Alicia has recently been exploring the space where Latinx futurism and the resilience of catholic cultural traditions collide, and using this as a sci-fi filter to view the changing identity of the Latinx diaspora and the consequent negotiations of authenticity that surround it. As a Mexican-Irish American and culturally mixed person, Alicia is invested in opening up the concept of an in-between space, where identity is fluid and where cultures and their languages intersect.

Image: they come undone, Alicia Reyes McNamara, 2019, oil paint, 150 x 100cm