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Nigel O’Neill

The artist Nigel O’Neill makes abstract paintings.He studied at Goldsmiths College University of London,and in 1984 was awarded the degree:- M.A. Fine Art CNAA He is also one of the few remaining founder members of Chisehale Artplace. Exhibitions- include The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2008-2015, The Contemporary Arts Society, and A Different View Spectrum Fine Art London.He is included in many collections including Paul Smith Ltd,in New York, London, and Amsterdam. His drawings feature in the following publications:- The Sunday Times Style Magazine 5 July 2015,and Homes & Gardens Abstract Modernism February 2015.

Artists Statement

My paintings consist of a number vibrant coloured planes. The shape of these planes evoke a perspective and illusionistic space, however this is undermined by the juxtaposition of different colours around a central plane. The different edges of this plane are pushed back or forward depending on the colour of each juxtaposed plane. Therefore seemingly flat shapes appear to twist and flip back on themselves. This achieves a surface, which is simultaneously asserted and denied, undermining any logical or mathematical interpretation of the work. This is complemented by the overall shape of the painting support derived from a half circle and an ellipse, which share the same central axis, an illustionstic device in itself, evoking a sphere cut in half, giving many opportunities for the interplay of spatially ambiguous planes. Each painting endeavours to achieve a compelling physical presence through its ambiguous internal spatial relationships, and the shape of the painting support. To facilitate the many enhancements and transformations to the colour which need to be made during the working process, without destroying the crispness of form or edge, the work is constructed from separate panels of 6mm birchfaced plywood. Each separate colour in the work is painted on a separate panel.

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